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• Corporate brochure PMF Steel Poles: Nederlands – English – Deutsch

• Quality managementsystem ISO 9001: Nederlands – English – Deutsch
• CE-certificate according to EN40-5; production plant 1: English – production plant 2: English

Terms and conditions:
• Terms and conditions: Nederlands – English – Deutsch – Francais

• ASOV 2010, General Specifications for Supporting Structures used in Traffic Control Systems (ASOV 2010); This publication can be downloaded for free from the website

General information:
• Sustainability and durability of steel and steel poles: Nederlands – English – Francais
• Crash safety lighting columns according to EN12767: folder
• Crash safety lighting columns according to EN 12767 class 100NE3 movie: movie

• 100NE3 passive safety steel lighting columns: movie

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08 jan

PMF Steel Poles is exhibitor at the Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt am Main

PMF Steel Poles is exhibitor at the international exhibition Light + Building. From 18th till 23th March 2018, the Light + Building will take place in Frankfurt am Main. The Light + Building is the biggest international exhibition for lighting. In hall 5.0, you will find the most important suppliers with products for street lighting and outdoor lighting. You are very welcome…

06 mei

Passive safety lighting columns (100NE3) for ALL kind of soils

Five years ago, PMF was the first manufacturer and supplier of passive safety steel lighting columns with a height up to 15 meters. which was classified in class 100NE3. In 2014, PMF created a new revolution with the development and certification of a passive safety lighting columns usable for all* kind of soils. PMF developed…

10 jan

Universal wrench (triangle, square , half moon and Kaalfix)

PMF has developed a wrench suitable for triangle, square, half-moon and Kaalfix locking bolts