Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PMF has a 25-year long history of Corporate Social Responsibility, a form of enterprise for which it has always relied on a healthy measure of common sense. Corporate Social Responsibility is based on and revolves around three P’s: People, Planet and Profit. Creating a consistent balance between these three P’s is fundamental if our society is to develop and flourish sustainably. Our CSR policy contains 11 principal elements, all of which are outlined below.

• Ensuring the safety of workplaces and work methods, so that the risk of accidents and possible incapacity to work on the part of our employees and others is kept to a minimum.
• Creating a positive working climate in which employees work together effectively and enjoy the work they do.
• Regularly informing employees about matters involving company policy, targets and results for the purpose of promoting team spirit, motivation, focus on results and awareness in the area of quality and safety.

• Designing processes and facilities in such a way as to keep energy consumption and environmental impact as low and small as possible or even reduce them.
• Promoting the use of sustainable materials and resources in product development and the organisation of business accommodation.
• Promoting energy awareness among employees.
• Reducing waste flows and, where possible, using waste products as packaging material (life span increase).

• Conducting business operations in a way that ensures both profit and continuity.
• Developing and manufacturing sustainable products in compliance with the wishes, requirements and expectations of our clients as well as relevant legal regulations.
• Building sound relationships with our clients by acting as a partner, by delivering durable high quality products and by providing reliable services, all within the agreed terms.
• Continually striving towards improvement where the need for improvement is apparent and where market developments and technological advancement require us or make it possible for us to do so.

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04 feb

We like to meet you at the following trade shows!

In 2024, PMF will be present as exibitor at the following trade shows: ^Infra Relatiedagen, Hardenberg, Netherlands, Tuesday 6th until and include Thursday 8th February 2024 ^Light & Building, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Sunday 3rd until and include Friday 8th March 2024 ^Ruimte en Licht, Houten, Netherlands, Thursday 6th June 2024 ^Innotrans, Berlijn, Germany, Tuesday…

06 mei

Passive safety lighting columns (100NE3) for ALL kind of soils

Five years ago, PMF was the first manufacturer and supplier of passive safety steel lighting columns with a height up to 15 meters. which was classified in class 100NE3. In 2014, PMF created a new revolution with the development and certification of a passive safety lighting columns usable for all* kind of soils. PMF developed…

10 jan

Universal wrench (triangle, square , half moon and Kaalfix)

PMF has developed a wrench suitable for triangle, square, half-moon and Kaalfix locking bolts