The founding of PMF goes back 160 years to 1854, the year in which a steel processing plant was established in Oude Pekela, the Netherlands, whose principal focus lay on the manufacture of ships’ stern posts and rudders. The letters PMF stand for ‘Pekelder Machine Fabriek’ (‘Pekela Machine Works’), and the company’s logo displays the old town seal used by the Municipality of Oude Pekela. Over the years, various companies were acquired and incorporated in the Group. These include Machinefabriek Roodeschool (Roodeschool Machine Works) (1981), Schott Lichtmastenfabriek (Schott Lamppost Factory) (1984), Nederland Haarlem, Columns Division (1997), CASO Beleuchtungsmasten GmbH (CASO Lampposts Ltd.) (2007) and De Jong Konstruktie Zuidbroek (De Jong Construction Zuidbroek) (2011).



The PMF Group nowadays consists of six companies and employs 190 people, of whom 50 are involved in the manufacture of steel columns. The columns are manufactured at our plants in Veendam and Burgum. Our subsidiaries in Uithuizen, Delfzijl, Eemshaven and Zuidbroek operate in the (petro)chemical, oil & gas, offshore, energy, food, paper, carton and bio-based industry as well as the road & waterworks sector. In each case, the aforesaid subsidiaries focus on the design and manufacture of tubing systems, pressure vessels and high-quality structures. They also implement fully integrated projects and carry out maintenance. Visit our website to find out more about the activities of our four sister companies.

luchtfoto_PMF_Bergumproduction facility in Burgum

As a result of the undivided focus on steel columns at our plants in Burgum and Veendam, we know more about the market than anyone else. This applies both to the Netherlands and far beyond. Our expertise translates into clear offers, meticulous engineering and a clear and detailed designing process. Our extensive experience has long since enabled us to create a perfect balance between the production of large and small batches to specification. Our production process is carbon-neutral and is used by an enthusiastic team of highly motivated employees to deliver top quality products with an excellent price/quality ratio. The characteristic no-nonsense approach of our entire organisation contributes to short delivery times. Every day, experts demonstrate their passion for perfection by producing exactly the columns our customers need!


production facility in Veendam

PMF also operates outside the Netherlands. PMF is often involved in some of the finest projects in Europe and far beyond for the design, manufacture and supply of steel columns, something of which we are justifiably proud.

Naturally we have a NEN-EN-ISO 9001-certified quality management system. Our environmental management system is NEN-EN-ISO 14001-certified, and our steel columns are manufactured under our CE NEN-EN 40-5 certification. All welders are NEN-EN 287 and/or NEN-EN 1418-certified, and each welded joint is recorded and tested pursuant to the NEN-EN 15609 and NEN-EN 15614 standards.

veelzijdig, maatwerk, kwaliteitCSR
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the pillars on which all PMF business operations rest. Read more about our CSR policy here.

PMF Steel Poles is an accredited work placement company. We train professionals. This means, among other things, that you will end up in a safe learning environment in both Veendam and Burgum where there is sufficient time and attention for your guidance. Our internal supervisors have extensive experience in giving guidance to trainees and learn them good practical skills.

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04 feb

We like to meet you at the following trade shows!

In 2024, PMF will be present as exibitor at the following trade shows: ^Infra Relatiedagen, Hardenberg, Netherlands, Tuesday 6th until and include Thursday 8th February 2024 ^Light & Building, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Sunday 3rd until and include Friday 8th March 2024 ^Ruimte en Licht, Houten, Netherlands, Thursday 6th June 2024 ^Innotrans, Berlijn, Germany, Tuesday…

06 mei

Passive safety lighting columns (100NE3) for ALL kind of soils

Five years ago, PMF was the first manufacturer and supplier of passive safety steel lighting columns with a height up to 15 meters. which was classified in class 100NE3. In 2014, PMF created a new revolution with the development and certification of a passive safety lighting columns usable for all* kind of soils. PMF developed…

10 jan

Universal wrench (triangle, square , half moon and Kaalfix)

PMF has developed a wrench suitable for triangle, square, half-moon and Kaalfix locking bolts