Special Tubes

Unique Process

With the help of two advanced forming machines, a steel tube [with an original external diameter of ø76 to ø273 mm] is heated inductively and then perfectly reshaped. The final required end diameter can be decreased locally to every value between ø48 and ø273 mm. The options for this are infinite: cylindrical conical, multiple conical, inverse conical, parabolic, ribbed etc. These specially formed tubes are generally processed into finished goods in our own factory, but are also regularly delivered as semi-finished product to other pole manufacturers within Europe or far beyond.

During this procedure, we use cylindrical tubes, which are produced according to the European standards EN10217 or EN10219. The available forming machines can process tubes with one of the following external diameters: ø76,1 mm, ø108,0 mm, ø114,3 mm, ø121,0 mm, ø133,0 mm, ø139,7 mm, ø152,4 mm, ø159,0 mm, ø168,3 mm, ø177,8 mm, ø193,7 mm, ø219,1 mm, ø244,5 mm or ø273,0 mm. PMF and CASO can carry out additional activities in accordance with customer specifications, such as 3D cutting operations, cutting holes, welding components, hot dip galvanizing, etc.

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06 mei

Passive safety lighting columns (100NE3) for ALL kind of soils

Five years ago, PMF was the first manufacturer and supplier of passive safety steel lighting columns with a height up to 15 meters. which was classified in class 100NE3. In 2014, PMF created a new revolution with the development and certification of a passive safety lighting columns usable for all* kind of soils. PMF developed…

10 jan

Universal wrench (triangle, square , half moon and Kaalfix)

PMF has developed a wrench suitable for triangle, square, half-moon and Kaalfix locking bolts

10 jan

hot dip galvanizing, a good idea?

is dat wel zo’n goed idee?