A052 – unanimous choice

Posted on: 04-01-2023

Sometimes everything comes together nicely
andscape architect Hosper was commissioned by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer for a new design for the Dorpsplein in Zwanenburg. At the same time, the municipality’s urban planner was busy with a new design for the Dennenlaan. Independently of each other, both had opted for the Lowlander luminaire family, from the Spanish manufacturer Setga, for the lighting on the roadway and the lighting on the square. An easily explainable choice because the Lowlander provides both the right amount of light on the street and the atmosphere and identity within the area. Because the Dorpsplein borders the Dennenlaan, the area has come together nicely with the lighting.

Unanimous choice
The name of the Lowlander refers to the Netherlands and that is exactly where the origin of this luminaire is located. Modernista developed this luminaire together with the Setga team (designer, engineer and export manager) based on wishes from the Dutch market. The Lowlander has two light sources and therefore provides both the right amount of light on the street and the atmosphere and identity within the residential area. Naturally, additional properties such as: efficient energy consumption, minimal glare, warranty, quality marks and sustainable use of materials apply. The housing materials have a lifespan of 35 years or more. In addition, Lowlander has a modular structure and the drivers / LED units are interchangeable.

Luminaire supplier: Modernista, www.modernista.nl

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