A054 – Metropolitan masts illuminate Amsterdam’s main network

Posted on: 04-01-2023

In the photos below we see our steel poles with the Brigo luminaire from Modernista on top. The Brigo is used on most roads on the main network in the capital and the adjacent cycle and pedestrian paths. PMF supplies several variants of mounting brackets for the Brigo for this purpose. Striking is the openwork edge along the side and the minimalistic top. The fixture comes in two sizes (small and large). The small version is available with 12 and 24 LEDs. The large version is equipped with 24 and 60 LEDs. During the design, special attention was paid to minimizing the use of materials, to good thermal management and to keeping the luminaire clean. The luminaire has been specially developed to meet the needs of the municipality of Amsterdam, but is of course also immediately available for all Dutch municipalities.

We are happy to recommend a nice mast-luminaire combination.

Luminaire supplier: Modernista, www.modernista.nl

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